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MyNolla is going to Habitare fair

MyNolla is going to Habitare fair

MyNolla will participate in the five-day Habitare fair at Messukeskus from September 7.11th. Habitare's theme this year is Reimagine, which highlights the possibilities of living and the world in the future.

MyNolla is participating in Design Helsinki

MyNolla is participating in Design Helsinki

MyNolla is taking part in the Design Helsinki B2B event that is taking place in Helsinki during August 24-25th. The two-day fair strives to bring out the finest of Nordic design and its influence, as well as provide a platform for design industries, international design professionals and emerging design brands to get together. 

What is green electronics?

What is green electronics?

Green electronics are traditionally considered to be electronics devices with a focus on more sustainable materials and production, but these days more is already needed. Green electronics is capturing the overall life cycle of a product starting from material choices to the eventual recycling, after-use and disposal. What options are there to support green electronics and what is expected to happen in the near future?

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How are we contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals?

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals company wise as well as individuals covers several individual targets, and already proves we can all make sustainable choices and do our part in tackling climate change.

Interior design trends 2022

Interior design trends 2022

Interior design trends 2022 centers around natural and timeless looks, combining sustainable and meaningful elements. The need to make the spaces functional, harmonious and soothing is a key factor in interior design. As homes have become a place for both leisure and work, functionality plays an important part.

MyNolla started a partnership with Glowdia interior design

MyNolla started a partnership with Glowdia interior design

MyNolla entered a partnership with Finnish online interior design service called Glowdia. Glowdia offers their customers easy access, fun and approachable interior design services through their online service.

Best Gift ideas 2022 for all occasions

Best Gift ideas 2022 for all occasions

Inventing gifts can sometimes be a real headache. We’d all like to give a gift that would be useful and liked, but traditional ideas are starting to wear out. We’ve put together tips to help you come up with a meaningful gift for any occasion from graduations to souvenirs, and find the best gift ideas 2022. 

The importance of sustainable development goals and a hand holding the world

The importance of Sustainable Development Goals for startups - and for you

While developing the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations addressed not only public entities like governments and major corporations, but also just regular people. What can be done to achieve those goals in our everyday lives? What can we do as regular people and on a small company level?

Design with a purpose and a pen on white paper

Design with purpose

We see design as a creative, developing process with an outcome telling a story. Design can be just about anything from a nice looking setting on the table to an actual house, but how and for what it is used determines its ultimate purpose as a finished product. Our designs have two main purposes, and they both contribute to the ultimate purpose we have as a company. 

Miska Karvinen holding and inspecting white design power strip MyNolla White/oak

The story of MyNolla by Miska

With a background as a wood artisan and wood designer, MyNolla's Founder Miska learned to work and utilize wood for various purposes and especially to bring out its unique character by combining it with different materials. Bringing wood into MyNolla Strip was an integral part of the whole design process. Curiosity and the drive to figure out how things and objects work has led him to question the way things are now, and how you can get the most out of the product.

Best gift for those who have everything

Best gift for those who have everything

What is the best gift for those who already have everything? Most of us want to give gifts that are actually useful and not just forgotten after the holidays, so that in mind we have a great tip for you this year! A beautiful Nordic design extension cord fits any home and will for sure be used on a daily basis. It could even be considered somewhat of a surprise!

Picture of jumping tower in front of grey clouds and text saying First time launchers

First time launchers

Launching a new product is a complex way to go. With certain legislation, permits, requirements as well as our own base of values and requirements, we have faced numerous challenges, unexpected situations and wonders from every little detail. Launching a new product is an exciting journey!

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Designed to be repaired

European Commission published a New Circular Economy Action Plan, which aims to bring to the market mainly products that are designed and manufactured to be durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable, such as MyNolla Strip was designed to be from the start.

Wrapping up the year 2021

This was the year when every major development happened with MyNolla. We went from product development to production, started pre-orders, added a third person to the company and got the ball rolling forward with a fastening speed.

Finnish landscape and Finland flag in front of grey clouds with caption

Promoting Finnish work

Today on December 3rd we are celebrating Buy Work for Finland Day. For us being a Finnish company is a privilege and a value that is present in everything we do. Our story is that of a Finnish story, highlighting all the lessons learned and development eager to see.

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How the raw material shortages and the energy crisis affect small companies

As a small company that is currently bringing its first collection to the market, we were right away face to face with production challenges, delays, price increases and limited availability. How has the shortage of raw materials and the energy crisis in production during the last year affected the operations of a new company?