Best Gift ideas 2022 for all occasions

See how to select a gift that matters

2022 is once again a year when things are happening and events are held. What kind of gifts are good to give this year? Since most of us will have graduation parties, weddings and other parties to participate in, we gathered a list to help you choose the best gift ideas for all occasions in 2022. 

The most valued gifts are almost never the newest trendy things available. Most often, they are those useful gems that become essential parts of the recipient’s life to enjoy reliably without worrying about its breakdown or aging. What is the kind of gift everyone loves to have? 

Best gift in 2022 for graduates

Graduations are a rite of passage and the beginning of the next phase in the graduate’s life. Best graduation gift is one that keeps on giving for years to come, and keeps the memory of that special day alive. After all, we all wish to give the kind of gift that becomes important and actually used over time. 

And what does every young person need when starting from scratch? We’d suggest concrete help. Insurance, rental guarantees, utilities from cutlery to Wifi connection. A great gift for graduates is one they can actually benefit from. Traditionally jewelry can be nice, but if you don’t really know the person’s preferences, maybe stick with something they’ll be sure to use. We all have a need for plates, spoons and pans. Also timeless and down to earth design pieces we’d not be able to get ourselves when starting out will surely make even the humblest interior feel cozier. Now if you combine these two, you’re off to a great start. 

Gifts like beautifully designed home utensils are an excellent choice for any graduate, since they are most often kept on sight and used on a daily basis. Think kitchenware, lighting, smaller decor. Consider the purpose of the gift and where it could be placed in their home. A small student apartment might not need an ice cream maker, but there may well be use for a comprehensive package of quality spices or a soft set of sheets. Perhaps a high-quality knife for the kitchen? There is a great gift for every budget that can make the graduate’s next phase more special.


Get the best gift ideas 2022 for graduates by focusing on the things they’re going to be using daily anyway, and what they probably don’t yet have. Whether it’s a toaster in their favorite color or a set of towels to take with them when moving out, you can rest assured that your gift won’t go to waste. 

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MyNolla Strip is a Finnish design power strip every graduate would love to have. Made with natural materials and strong focus on sustainability, MyNolla Strip fits seamlessly into any interior and adds unbeatable class to its surroundings. With an easily changeable top sheet, they can also change the design along the way. With MyNolla Strip, you can make sure they’ll have something of use in their own home once starting out.

Best gift in 2022 for the happy couple

Summer is the peak season for weddings. Sometimes figuring out a thoughtful wedding gift that would delight a couple can be tricky, especially if you’re not quite sure what they’re looking for. So what is a good wedding present in 2022?

Experience gifts are always a great option for any couple. A time together, trying new things, or a moment of pampering will definitely delight any couple. These can include more personal ideas, such as offering to clean for the newly married couple during their honeymoon or lending them your summer house for a weekend of quality time. The best gift ideas 2022 are only limited to your imagination, not your wallet. 


If you wish to give a concrete gift in a wrapping, the word to look for is classic. If there is ever a time to focus on timeless, long lasting pieces, it’s weddings. After all, you are there to support lifelong love and commitment, and you want your present to highlight that. 

Think about their lifestyle and their interests, then go from there. Are they an outdoorsy couple, enjoying long hikes and nature? Or more of city people, often seen around town having dinner or going to the theater? When you think of a gift for a couple, it should be addressed to both parties. Think of the things they enjoy doing together, what their home looks like or what they are hoping for in the future. Best gift for the happy couple is one they can enjoy together, and one that’ll fit seamlessly into their lives. Remember, you are not making decisions for their lifestyle or interior, so pick the kind of materials and coloring that works for them, even if you disagree.  

Not sure which one to pick? You can also purchase a gift card from several places and let the couple choose what they’d like. Sometimes the best gift idea is, in fact, a gift of choice. You can get gift cards also from MyNolla’s online store and let the couple choose their favorite design power strip for their shared home.   

Best business gift 2022

Business gifts are often part of the holiday season. Whether it’s as a thank you gift of the past year, congrats on a project well done or perhaps a retirement gift, you can never go wrong with unique design pieces. However, we’ve all had our share of the regular ones, and hardly anyones thinks of business gifts that fondly afterwards. What is a good business gift in 2022 that is also useful?

Some years back several gift card companies started to become increasingly popular, since employers rather gave their employees the gift of choosing for themselves. Online stores filled with design products, kitchenware and edible goodies offer value as well as variety. The bigger the company, the more varied its personnel is. Since there hardly is a one-fits-all solution, you might want to think about giving your employee’s the possibility to choose for themselves. Browsing through the selection beforehand, you can make sure there are enough options and the kind of prize category that works for you.     

Rewarding your colleagues and employees is also a value choice. Note that your choice also tells about the values, preferences and goals of the company and its leader. Do you want to support sustainability and local production? Improve the working environment for your employees? The best business gift does not only delight the receiver, but also shares a message from the company behind it. 

business gift

You can find a wide selection of high-quality Nordic products from  Nordic Innovation Shop  as well as  Finnish Design Shop,  for example. The best gift ideas 2022 can be found in a wide selection of online stores easily delivered to your home.

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Best souvenir gift in 2022 from Finland

What is Finland known for? Sisu, Salmiakki and Chocolate. Food gifts are a must wherever you’re traveling, and Finland is no exception. You might want to pack your bags full of Finnish rye bread, delicious chocolate and salmiakki, the kind of candy you just gotta test out to learn what that famous Finnish sisu (persistence) tastes like. 

Finnish design is still hugely popular among tourists and souvenirs, and for a good reason. Finnish design is timeless and high-quality, highlighting the essence of Finland and its people in an approachable form. Finnish design is filled with images of beloved Moomin characters, Lapland scenery and reindeer, as well as peaceful shapes and colorful Marimekko patterns. 

Often combining natural materials and minimalism, Finnish design has stayed on top of interior design trends for decades with its timeless and humble appearance. Since nature is the thing people most fondly remember from Finland, plenty of souvenirs are made from natural materials, such as wood, leather and stone. However, most souvenirs are soon forgotten and they just end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from that you can also take advantage of. When traveling, usually the smaller the better, which is why we recommend small utility products benefitting from the aforementioned elements. In Finland, you can find wood being used in practically anything - from watches to sunglasses and kitchenware, so just take your pick. Finnish design is known for its high-quality, which is why you can trust your souvenir to last for a long time and bring those memories back.

If you need any help choosing the best gift idea 2022 for any occasion, we at MyNolla would be happy to help. 


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