Interior design trends 2022

Home interior design is going through a phase. The last few years with COVID and continuous remote work from home has forced people to think about their home interior from a different angle. Wanting to combine a calm home environment with a flexible and efficient home office is not as simple as it sounds, especially if you don’t have an extra room to use. More is needed. Interior design trends 2022 gives room for permanent solutions that add the ease and functionality of the home or other indoor spaces.  

At the same time, there is a need to make the interior seamless and harmonious. Homes have an effect on us, whether we are aware of it or not, as  Vogue pointed out in their January issue. Thus we want our homes to help us feel calm and comfortable no matter what is going on outside those walls. Listing down the interior design trends 2022 might just help you to figure out what to look for this spring.

Earthy tones & materials

Several home trends keep popping up year after year, but the pandemic has undoubtedly left its mark in our preferences. Connecting to nature seems to be at the top of the list,  say interior designers interviewed by Good Housekeeping, among others. Bringing in nature is reflected in the color palette, materials and lighting. Natural and approachable emphasize the peace and comfort needed in the midst of a pandemic. The most dominant interior design trends 2022 evolve around materials, patterns and textures. 

earthy colors

When you’re looking for that specific harmony, you cannot go wrong with natural materials and colors. Nature is the element that gives us peace of mind. It is neutral, down-to-earth and warm. Natural wood is a vibrant, inviting material that works in every aspect of the home. It also has a unique texture and patterns that vary from one product to another, making them stand out as one of a kind.  Finnish Design Shop is praising wood saying that wood is taking over more and more space in holistic interiors. Whether it’s used in flooring, table top or kitchen chairs, wood is a material that combines high quality, longer life cycle and resilience. Adding wood to your home is like giving it a warm squeeze. Also combining different materials has become increasingly popular in design.

So give it a go, try adding some pieces to add those earthy tones and see how it makes you feel. The good thing is that you can start small, since natural materials bring more character than their size and can already make a big difference with a minor touch. Plus, natural materials and tones are, in a word, timeless, so investing in products made of natural materials is truly for a lifetime. 

Scandinavian interior

No useless spaces

Since everything has been happening in the home environment, home has become even more invested in than before. It’s the setting where everything happens, from sleeping, eating, working and family time. Functionality is essential. The things we have must serve a purpose of some sort. The interior design trends of 2022 are affected by an exceptional time in our lives that has contributed to bringing about a new kind of normalcy.

bedroom office

Combining useful and functional elements together with a nice look is something that is becoming very popular. The possibility to move objects from place to place is making it easier to adjust to new kinds of living quarters, where different elements of daily life keep mixing up. That also adds to the functionality and usage and creates more value to the space, as well. 

Technology made to last

Consumers have been demanding for longer lasting electronics, and the demand is only getting louder. As technology and its accessories are a visible part of home interiors and we need constant access to them, they are often considered as a part of the overall interior. The way things used to be seems to be an on-going discussion, since everyone remembers that washing machine or toaster that lasted for decades without breaking. And now, when technology is more developed than ever, we need to upgrade our cell phones and coffee makers within a couple years. 

New York Times wrote about how to choose longer lasting technology, and how our phones and laptops can, in fact, last for years. Planned obsolescence is a strategic way to urge people to buy new ones, but especially in recent years it has begun to provoke more and more opposition. People want to choose more sustainably and choose higher quality products that last in use. Old and repaired is becoming cooler than brand new and polished.  New trends are starting to focus more on longevity rather than the latest features and newest models. That together with environmental friendliness and reducing e-waste together with reducing consumption altogether is a major step towards greener electronics, and truly a trend to be supported also after 2022. 

lasting technology

Sustainability focus

Becoming more sustainable is undoubtedly one of the main interior design trends 2022 that is most likely only going to grow in the upcoming years. The sustainability of materials and products has become increasingly important for designers, consumers and interior designers alike, and the demand created together also guarantees more diverse options in the future. 

Demand creates supply, which is why consumer wants and demands take precedence in creating new trends. Sustainability has been a growing trend in many industries, which is why manufacturers have begun to pay more and more attention to the sustainability of their production and the environmental friendliness of their products. At the same time, the reuse and recycling of products has grown in popularity. Durable perennial products are allowed to show wear and tear, as traces of use give them more character. 

Sustainable solutions also bypass new and polished interior design, as traditional know-how and craftsmanship are valued. Consumers are more aware of their purchasing decisions and want to know more about the origin of products.

sustainable living

Things you love

Home is a whole. An entity where several people might live. And now also work, study, play and socialize, among other things. It has been said that open floor plans are now out, and we’re starting to see a shift back to traditionally-separated rooms. Well, what can you do? Remodel the whole house? The interior design trends 2022 are more about working with what you’ve got than starting everything from scratch. 

design to love

Room dividers started to sell more and more alongside the pandemic, but rather than separate the areas you can also try to make the space more seamless. Decorate the office space in a way that it’s not an eyesore in the living room or bedroom corner, but a functional space following the overall interior look. A lot can be done with materials and colors in this one. Multipurpose spaces are created with the thing you love, since nobody wants to add any stress or ugly reminders in their home, where spare time is also spent.  

Most importantly, designing a home that looks like the people living there is what creates the best results. Test bravely what works for you and what adds to that cozy feeling in your home. Mixing of different materials and elements is no longer frowned upon, and the old furniture that’s been sitting in the basement might just make a comeback this year. What matters is that it is something you enjoy looking at, past any trend.

High-quality design for your home

Okay, so listed down 5 interior design trends 2022 everyone can easily access: Earthy tones & Materials, Useful spaces, Longer lasting technology, Sustainability and Things that we love to have and look at. Do you know what is an easy way to cross all those trends at once?

MyNolla Strip, a design power strip. 

design power strip

Hardly anyone denies the usefulness of extension cords, but their design has left much to be desired. MyNolla Strip is a design power strip made with natural materials and high focus on sustainability and longer life cycle to enhance the customer experience. 

MyNolla Strip is developed and designed in Finland and made in the EU, and it is designed to be suitable for recycling, repairability and reuse. In addition it features a changeable top sheet made of sustainably sourced natural materials, such as wood, to ensure it’ll always fit your interior.

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