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We are bringing a whole new product to the market. A power strip in itself is nothing new, but what we’re doing is reimagining the traditional power strip and creating it all over again. Our power strip is more than a power strip. It’s about unique expressions and the ability to stand out.

Launching a new product is a complex way to go. With certain legislation, permits, requirements as well as our own base of values and requirements, we have faced numerous challenges, unexpected situations and wonders from every little detail. With our background knowledge from design and technology, we did have something in our pockets to begin with. But imagining a product is a whole different route than actually building one from scratch. And building one with our own hands is very different from making a complete range of products for launch.

The start

As it usually goes, everything started with an idea. An idea of how to improve the way people use electricity on a daily basis and how to implement new forms of design to different interiors.  These two things are interlinked and have always been the key point of our business. 

But how to set ourselves apart from every other business trying to do the same thing?

We asked ourselves what people want these days and how we can apply that into our product. How to design with purpose and answer the end-users’ demand. 

MyNolla Strip is our foundation. The basic simple strip with beautiful details and a story of inspiration behind every design. At the same time, this is the beginning of a cycle of development. The teaching curve on the basis of which we make our next moves. From order quantities to the following designs, we are keeping our ears open and listening to what our customers want. We have our own criteria for what makes a great end product, but our criteria primarily weigh on the requirements of our customers. 

On the move

Needless to say, there’s been a lot of building. Various designs of different sizes and shapes, to begin with. The MyNolla Strip soon to be launched was not the first power strip we designed. There have been enough of them in many different looks, sizes, colors and materials. Through trial and error, we found the right path to accomplish what we wanted. One that actually feels nice to hold. Is light in the hand and sturdy in shape. The MyNolla strip that feels and looks just right. To give you both unique design and usefulness. 

Certain challenges related to product design, such as safe materials, durability, associated technology, and overall requirements for electrical equipment, made us approach design from a whole new perspective. In order to be able to redesign an existing established product, we started from zero. From the technology developed for inside the product to its body and unique interchangeable top sheet, we stepped beyond the familiar norm and challenged old notions about the appearance and use of power strips and invented ways to improve them with MyNolla. 

Because with design, it needs to be special. Top notch. But we’re not creating just design, we’re creating design to be used as an electrical device. Design to be used over and over again and safely implemented into people’s homes. Through which a strong electric current passes, and which gives power to the devices connected to it. It would be easier to design a chair that can simply withstand sitting. A plate suitable for microwave. Great inventions that everyone benefits from and enjoys as part of their daily lives. Practical tools to help with everyday tasks. But then again, doesn’t that sound like a power strip already? 

They don’t need to be beautiful to be functional, either. But what if they were?

We did not choose the easiest path. Not the clearest. We chose a route that has had enough challenges but has not been traveled before, to bring about something new and even surprising. And we have loved doing it.  

More about designing electrical devices  here

Taking a lifelong journey

After about three years, MyNolla Strips are in production and we are getting ready to launch our first collection of premium design power strips. In those three years, we have gone through everything that can be involved in the manufacture, production and development of a product. We have started a company and been building it alongside MyNolla to be able to take care of our products when they are completed and ready to be launched. 

We created this product suitable for everyday use. Then we think about how we can make it look good too. Because there are power strips that work fine. The problem is that nobody wants to appreciate them as a part of one's home. Just like wanting to eat food from beautiful plates. You do not need plates to look good to be able to use them. But still, it does make the food taste better, doesn't it?

That is the power of design. It makes you experience things in a whole new way.