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The story of MyNolla by Miska

April 20, 2022 2 min read

Miska Karvinen holding and inspecting white design power strip MyNolla White/oak

“I’ve always enjoyed creating something new and working by hand. With a background of working as a wood artisan and wood designer, I have learned to work and utilize wood for different purposes and especially to highlight its unique character by combining it with different materials. I see wood as a warm, comforting and soothing material. As a material created by nature, it also has its own will, which makes working with it challenging and at the same time particularly rewarding. Wood requires understanding and skill to harness its benefits in the best possible way. Bringing wood seamlessly into MyNolla was an integral part of the entire design process.

Curiosity and a desire to find out how things, objects and people work and act has made me question the current state of various things. In my previous work, I have personally observed how the design and function of different products ultimately mirror each other. I began to find it pointless to work on products that have already been made countless times and where utility or customer value creation may not be the starting point for the design. After getting the idea to create a whole new kind of power strip, I was in a rare situation. With MyNolla Strip, I was able to start from a clean slate, as power strips have not previously been seen as a product where design and user experience play a key role.

I have grown up in an environment that emphasizes frugality and environmental friendliness, which has largely guided me to strive for efficiency and resource wisdom. When designing and producing a product, we also wanted to ensure the product's versatility and longevity. Together, all of these things are for the benefit of the customer, you, to get the most out of the product.

With MyNolla, I have combined my passion for craftsmanship, design and sustainability. We've given our all to this product to make sure it gives you joy and purpose for years to come."

I hope you will love MyNolla Strip as much as we loved creating it.

Miska Karvinen

Founder & CEO, creator of the idea of ​​MyNolla

Lennart Schmitz
Lennart Schmitz

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