We're ramping up the production and manufacturing, sorting out the last details and should have MyNolla strip in our hands by December 2021!

MyNolla comes in two different base colors black and white. On top of that each power strip can be combined with a variety of top sheets to match your style and design.

In our shop we always have the current collection of top sheets and designs. We have our classic collection, consisting of walnut, oak, black marble and white marble. We'll let you know through our newsletter when we release a new version.

MyNolla is currently only available through our own online store. We're building extensively in broadening our retailer network, bringing it closer to you and making it more available. If you are a retailer and would like to add MyNolla to your shop, please reach out to us

We use sustainably sourced wood from Finland for our wooden top sheet collection in combination with birch plywood for stability and longevity.

Our marble collection is printed recycled acrylic manufactured in Finland.

The cable of MyNolla is 2 meters long

The technology of USB ports is changing rapidly with devices requiring always faster loading speeds to match satisfaction and maximum efficiency. In order to also meet your requirements for many years to come, we decided to leave USB ports away.

MyNolla strip is designed in Finland and manufactured and assembled in Lithuania, EU.

Each MyNolla strip is equipped with a quick ejector which releases the top sheet. In order to push the ejector simply push against it with a thin tool from the bottom of the power strip.

Our top sheets aren't an integral part of the power strip. All of the electronics are completely sealed off, making it safe to use any material for the top sheet as well as safe for children.

The top sheet has 3 magnets attached to it, ensuring a snug fit that shouldn't fall off in normal use.

Safety is one of our key priorities so we went out of our way to make it as safe as possible. None of the electronics are accessible, even with the top sheet removed. Each socket is equipped with a double-security child-lock that is custom designed to be safer than other outlets and power strips.

Please reach out to us and we'll make sure to get your question answered as soon as possible and include it in our FAQ :)