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We don’t take part in Black Friday. Why?

Marketing campaigns such as Black Friday can urge consumers to buy more than they actually need. According to research, about 80% of Black Friday purchases end up forgotten or simply thrown away after a single use. As we want to promote product longevity, we keep our values close to heart with our promotion campaigns, as well.

MyNolla Strip nature collection - bundle of design power strips

The Nature Collection

The Nature Collection is our first MyNolla collection, and it is giving you all four seasons and their unique characteristics. They are an ongoing story telling about our environment and the way it survives from one season to another with incredible resilience.

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Conveniently practical design

With MyNolla, we didn't just want to improve the looks. Most of all we're here creating products that are meant to be used on a daily basis, and thus we are adding special features to really make them stand out.

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Transparency towards new solutions

In order to support sustainability and create awareness of the possibilities as well as challenges in the industry, we trust in full transparency of our operations. Bringing transparency into our operations is not only part of our responsibility as a company, but also a necessity in order for us to find opportunities and develop new solutions for our industry. 

Black design power strip with walnut top on dark grey textured background and

MyNolla won The European Product Design Award

MyNolla was selected as winner of Winner in Home Interior Products/Electronic Device Accessory category in European Product Design Awards.

Hand holding black design power strip with walnut top sheet - MyNolla Strip black/walnut

The electrical design stage

Designing electronic devices sets us up with certain guidelines we need to follow. As a business, sustainable electronics is an emerging business concept and we are eager to come up with new solutions to support sustainable development in electronics. Here are considerations to look after the sustainability of electronics manufacturing. 

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Building on values

Our values are the basis of everything we do, and the way we can reflect on our actions throughout the design and manufacture process.

Hand holding leaf of green plant

Getting in touch with sustainability

Sustainability does not look the same for everyone, which is why we're approaching it from a different angle. We're not telling you what to do, we're not saying what is right or wrong - but asking what we can do for you to help.

Hand holding black design power strip MyNolla strip black/walnut

At the heart of Finnish design

Above all, our Finnish design is design with purpose. Not only do we design to create beautiful objects, but at the same time we want to build necessities. Our design process is wanting to reach beyond and create things anew.