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The economy is accustomed to revolving largely around consumption. Something is bought, and then replaced with a new one. If lucky, an old device ends up being recycled, but often it doesn’t. And so the wheels keep spinning. Marketing campaigns such as Black Friday urge people to buy more and more, and the old device ends up being replaced by a new one. According to estimates, there are 22 kilograms of electronic waste per person in Finland every year. In Europe, electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream, only half of which is recycled.

Government level guidelines

On 11 March, the European Commission published a New Circular Economy Action Plan. The plan is part of Europe's Green Deal, which aims for a climate-neutral Europe. The Circular Economy Action Plan aims to bring to the market mainly products that are designed and manufactured to be durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable. 

Basically the consumer gets the right to repair the device rather than having to get a new one. It requires manufacturers to make the repairability of a device simple and affordable and pay attention to the entire product life cycle from the very beginning. The full package will be released in spring 2022.

MyNolla is made to be repaired

When we started designing MyNolla Strips, we wanted to create them as sustainably as possible, but also stand out from the crowd. MyNolla has been designed to look unique and gorgeous as well as give more benefits than the power strips out there now. 

Since sustainability is one of our core values and the thing we keep close to heart throughout the production, designing MyNolla to be suitable for recycling and repairment was a given since the beginning. To ensure our products are durable in both use and time, designing them according to the right to repair initiative is the most direct route to achieving our goal of sustainability. 

Usually power strips are built for temporary use. They are a handy aid when several sockets are needed at the same time or, alternatively, electricity is used away from fixed sockets. With a cost only a few euros, manufacturers have seen no point in building them suitable for repair. They could actually be disassembled and repaired if attention was paid to the easy disassembly of the product during the assembly phase. But since the assembly has been done in a way it is impossible to remove a part without breaking the entire device into pieces, power strips tend to get simply thrown away after a certain time. 


At the forefront of sustainability

MyNolla is designed and assembled to be taken apart. We can disassemble every device and put it back together again without causing any harm to the design or functionality. Our products are tested according to the highest Finnish and European standards to ensure they are suitable for continuous use as main sockets instead of a temporary solution. 

Our goal is not to sell a new power strip every year to replace the old one, but to make products that are at the same time a commitment. Excessive consumerism is not something we want to encourage. MyNolla is a high-quality product that is guaranteed to last in quality condition. Since it can be repaired, you don’t have to think about giving up on it. We can make it better. 

Other than just repairing the old devices, we also pay attention to recycling. The other benefit of easy disassembling of MyNolla, we can also reuse the different parts and properly recycle every metal, wood, plastic and component. Especially with the raw material and component shortage on at the moment, recycling and reusing electronic chips, raw materials and components would be highly beneficial to all parties. It would be a huge relief to the environment, support electronics sustainability and guarantee more materials for use. 

With us, it also supports product development. We can recommend new advanced and refurbished products, while taking care of the recycling of old devices on behalf of the customer. Our goal is to switch the spinning wheel to a positive and sustainable direction, promote a circular economy and all the more find new solutions the whole industry can benefit from. 

MyNolla is an investment. A power strip offering limitless amounts of variety and updates. With swappable top sheets, the design never gets old or outdated. There is no chance of getting bored or not making the design match the interior. MyNolla is alive and living and developing together with its user.  

To support longevity, we guarantee MyNolla is safe and durable in use with the promise to repair. We offer longtime service to every customer and take part in the experience of MyNolla by being there ready and willing to give any support needed. 


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