Finnish landscape and Finland flag in front of grey clouds with caption

Today on December 3rd we are celebrating Buy Work for Finland Day. The Association for Finnish Work is organizing this day for the sixth time to awaken consumers to pay attention to their purchasing decisions appropriately during the Christmas season.

The purpose of Buy Work in Finland Day is to remind consumers of the importance of Finnish work and the effects of choosing domestic products and services. Covid-19 has been hard on the economy, employment and livelihood of Finns, so now there is a greater reason than ever to choose domestic. By choosing necessities designed, developed, produced or manufactured in Finland, you are also supporting the Finnish workforce, economy and product development. By supporting domesticity we can improve domestic supply and competitiveness and at the same time increase the value of Finnish work globally.

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Designed in Finland

We are a Finnish company. The Association for Finnish Work has awarded our product with the Design from Finland mark, which means that the product or service has been designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user - oriented manner, and it serves as an evidence of Finnish design excellence. Our products have been designed and developed in Finland, and we manufacture our products within EU in Lithuania. This not only reduces logistical emissions, but also allows us to better track production as a whole and optimize the service we provide.

Finnishness as a part of us is something that we want to cherish and highly value. Finnishness is in high demand in the world, and Finnish design is known for its high quality, material sensitivity, clarity and ecological design, which are values we also share as people as well as a company. Being Finnish is an advantage we are privileged to. 

Finnishness is reflected in all our operations, and it is a key part of the company's values. It is a legacy from which we have set out to build our own work.

Finnishness is reflected in our design above all through the world of materials, shapes and colors. Natural materials, wood and humble design are familiar elements of Finnish design, which has also become a Finnish trademark in the world. The true spirit of Finnishness stands out in Finnish design: minimalism, tenacity, determination. It is devoid of uselessness and focuses on the essentials - genuinity, honesty and straightforwardness.

Finnish at the core

Finnish design is especially known for its simplified and timeless design tinted with natural elements. Finnish means high-quality, durability and craftsmanship, which gives every product a unique and vibrant character. Nature is part of the core of Finnishness and over time has shaped us into a persevering northern nation. Natural elements are also the heart of our collection. A collection inspired by our love of nature and willingness to preserve it for generations to come. Our products tell about Finnishness and the Finnish experience in many dimensions, from the cultural experience to the feelings evoked by the materials and the function of the final product.

Finnishness is not just seeing, it is experiencing. It is about storytelling experiences that leave a mark. Design is not born alone. It is achieved through a journey of the development, experience, learning and sensations, condensed into an excellent whole. Our design also shows strong Finnish technological know-how, innovation and Design Thinking, which can be seen especially in the way we pay attention to the end-user throughout the development process. We design products for longevity and sustainability. We do not stop with what is, but keep moving forward for a better tomorrow to develop Finnish design all the more further. 

We design products to be a part of the daily life of our customers and enhance their overall living experience. They are also designed for the future and tell about the forward-looking development of Finnish design. The development of Finnish design does not mean abandoning traditions, but on the contrary incorporating those great traditions into the future of design.

Let’s promote Finnish work today and throughout the year to highlight this uniquely beautiful and special cultural heritage and maintain the positive pace of innovation.