The best possible value for customers. That’s where it all started. That's also where we got the name MyNolla: we have an uncompromising approach to design and aim for zero emissions.

The designers

When MyNolla was founded in 2018 during an unordinary time in the world, beautiful and responsible electrical devices were not a thing. We wanted to do things differently.

We took it our mission to enable our customers the best possible user value with the minimum impact on the environment. In the midst of material shortage and disrupted supply chains, it was anything but easy. Soon the founders Miska and Lennart were faced with two options. They could either turn their backs and return to what’s familiar and safe, or have faith in themselves and listen to their gut telling them this could turn out to be something very special indeed.

Today, our small and multidisciplinary team at MyNolla combines design, innovation and product development in a way that does not shy away from the unknown.