Best gift for those who have everything

Buying gifts is often a big hassle. Most of us want to give gifts that are really useful and that the recipient can enjoy for a long time. However, sometimes it is difficult to come up with gifts that will not be forgotten immediately after the holidays. The truth is that very few of us really need something - at least not something that you could wish for as a gift. However, there are some great and surprising ideas, so please continue reading and get the best tips for what to give someone who already has everything.

There are many great gift ideas to choose from, really. All from home-made delicacies to gift cards, experience gifts and really desirable accessories, such as outdoor equipment. However, gifts are often bought for people you know really well and thus should also know what they could require, such as your own family members. If you bother asking them, barely anyone aside from little kids dares to tell you what the best gift could be, which makes finding useful gifts even more difficult.

Usually the best gift ideas come by thinking about what kind of things the recipient of the gift already uses. Does he or she drink a lot of tea? Would a beautifully designed kettle be a suitable gift? Or a gift card to a high-quality tea shop? Or is it an outdoor person, for whom the changing seasons are spent wandering around the woods? Could they be delighted with a personalized backpack or a baseball cap? By focusing on the interests and everyday habits of the people in your life, you will notice what kind of things they spend their time on. The best gift ideas are often also surprisingly simple. 

We also have a great suggestion for those wanting to give something surprising, out-of-the-box and at the same time actually useful. 

A practical gift for someone who already has everything

One thing that everyone uses for sure is electricity. Recently, even more attention has been paid to electricity use due to constantly rising prices. However, since we can hardly do without electricity in a modern world, more sustainable solutions are needed in many homes to manage the home's electricity consumption. An easy solution can be an extension cord with a power button, so you can turn off the power from several devices with just one push of a button. Few, however, think of an extension cord as a successful gift idea, and why would they, because no one wants to put one on display in their home - let alone get one as a gift.

Except now. MyNolla Strip is a design extension cord responsibly manufactured in Finland, with timeless high-quality design and replaceable top sheets made of natural materials. This extension cord is not just an extension cord, but a premium design product. Each of us has certainly already received our share of different serving platters, dishes, vases and jewelry, so what if you gave something completely different as a gift this time? A gift that everyone has a use for and that makes those day to day activities way more pleasant. 

best gift

A beautiful extension cord is suitable for displaying at home or in the office, and reminds you of the gift giver. Since each of us already uses extension cords, replacing the traditionally hidden and unpleasant version with a high-quality power strip fitting to the interior is not only surprising, but also a delightful gift. The stylish extension cord is suitable as a gift for both young and older recipients and is ideal for couples who want to invest in the comfort of their home.

If you are not sure about the gift recipient's preferences, choose a MyNolla gift card. You can buy a gift card as a gift and add home delivery or postage in Finland and in the EU as well, so the recipient of the gift only has to choose a model that suits them.

best gift

You can get to MyNolla’s online store  here and order a gift card  here.