Committed to


Our sustainability guidelines

Our design and production process embraces sustainability, and is based on product longevity and design for repairability and reuse.

Our sustainability process can be broken down into 4 parts:

  • The sourcing
  • A carbon compensated manufacturing process
  • A longer product life cycle
  • Design for recyclability and repair

Our aim is to provide high-quality products with a longer life cycle to ensure they’ll stay in use for the maximum amount of time.

Our values

For us, values ​​are the cornerstones of our company and all our operations. Our team at MyNolla shares the same values and is committed to promoting our cause to bring about change and offer more responsible choices. For us, the customer experience comes first. We believe in equality and equal chances for each individual, working together for a more united world.

Our goals

Our goal is to create products that are 100% recycled or recyclable with a minimum footprint. The name MyNolla means MyZero, and it describes our aim for zero emissions and zero compromises - Zero CO2 footprint.

  • Sourcing & materials

    We source all of our components, materials and suppliers based on local proximity and sustainability to minimize our carbon footprint. 80% of MyNolla Strip's components originate in the EU with the vast majority coming from Germany & Finland.

  • Designed, developed and made in Finland

    MyNolla Strip is designed, developed and made from the ground up in Finland. The production is happening in Outukumpu and the assembly and final quality control happens in Espoo, Finland.

  • Designed for repairability and recyclability

    Each MyNolla Strip is 100% repairable and can be recycled accordingly. In the case of device breaking or malfunction, MyNolla Strip can easily be disassembled and its parts recycled or repaired.

Footprint calculation

Component  Weight % CO2-eq (kg)
Metal & Electric components 23 % 1,3 kg
Plastic (PC/ABS) 40,1 % 1,229 kg
Assembly components 0,5 % 0,068 kg
Top Sheet (wood) 2,0 % 0,002 kg
Packaging (Recycled cardboard) 34,4 % 0,251 kg
Transportation & Logistics - 1,138 kg
Total - 3,99 kg

*Calculated using the SimaPro life cycle analysis program