MyNolla x teemu järvi illustrations

Teemu Järvi is a known Finnish designer, illustrator and artist whose nature-themed drawings capture the wonders of Nordic nature. This limited artist edition consists of three of Teemu's most famous illustrations of Nordic wildlife and brings nature closer to your home and opens the gate to a unique nature experience.

Teemu Järvi artist collection

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Teemu Järvi artist collection



Teemu Järvi

In my mind, I'm walking in the woods while I draw. I hope my illustrations act as a gateway to a calming nature experience even when it is not physically possible to be there.”

Teemu's work

The durability and long service life of the products are a key part of Teemu’s work. His illustrations are familiar from various interior decor, home textiles and household items, for example, which emanate the Finnish nature experience and humble approach to the environment. Teemu Järvi Illustration is most known of high quality posters and other wall art captivating the essence of wild animals and nature aspects.

traditional tools

Teemu is famous for working with traditional tools such as the reed pen, creating works of art that transport us from our hectic urban existence to the soothing calm of primeval wilderness. The illustrations - Mysterious Bear, Charming Deer and a playful Foxcub - each tune their own emotional state to their surroundings and open the gate to a calming nature experience for all ages in the midst of urban everyday life.