Two plugs in white wall outlets

Power strips have already existed for decades and they are nothing new in the electrical market. Already in the 1920’s there were outlet multipliers with the same purpose as power strips, and the first model to basically match the current power strip’s purpose and called “a power board” was patented in the 1970’s. The best inventions are often also the simplest ones and become such a seamless part of our lives. As technology develops all the more further, the need to come up with solutions suitable for the present are in high demand. 

Today’s challenge is the number of energy- and maintenance-intensive devices, which makes it tricky to seamlessly adapt them to another space. We’re all familiar with offices filled with power cords and home TV racks with everything from a Playstation to floor lamps and the TV itself. In addition, the goals of sustainable development and the pressure to increase them are constantly growing.

However, even with such a long history, power strips have not developed alongside other electrical devices to match the demands of modern lifestyle. They are repeatedly unpleasant to look at. They typically have only a few plugs attached, even when there are way more outlets. Everything about them screams artificiality and plastic, and most of them you cannot even switch off. They just ... are there. Power strips are procured because of their practicality, but even that practicality is not always that evident.

We wanted to design a power strip that meets today’s demand in usability, minimalism and sustainability. At the same time, it emphasizes individuality and the opportunity for change, and continues the Finnish design tradition towards the future with our innovative and creative design.


What’s your number?

Mine is seven. That is the number of power strips at my home. Plus at least three or four more that are not in use at the moment. Each one holds about four to five plugs. Lamps, TV, Wifi, laptop - you name it. Not one of them in sight. Only one I’m able to switch off. And coming December, one’s going to be the power base for our Christmas tree lights, as well. All in all, we do have a lot of power cords, wires and cables all over the place. The less we see them the better. Or is it?

Just play with me here. Think if all those were Nolla strips. I’d have that gorgeous  Light walnut on my living room floor. Maybe even on the same colour TV stand. And I’m sure I’d place one  Dark Slate  on my bedside table. Next to the reading lamp. All work stuff would have its own strip. Something bright and delightful that’ll make me smile every time I open my laptop. Plus I can keep it on the table, right there where I need it, instead of having to dig it out from a mess of cables. When in need of change, I can just pick another color of a variety of top sheets and switch. 

The power strip under our TV level is the only one with an on/off button. I conscientiously turn it off every time. BUT it only holds a certain amount of plugs. Plus, we do use them at different times. Like when the TV is turned off, but the lamp in the corner stays on. Can’t plug them all in the same power strip, right? 

Seeing things concretely increases awareness. The fact that power strips are hidden or placed in awkward places will not encourage you to give them a thought after connecting. They’re just there, doing their thing, and all the while consuming and wasting electricity on standby just because they cannot be turned off. Since who does crawl on the floor every time looking for that one button or unplugging the whole thing when they just want to go to bed? 

Less is more

Then another thing is the amount of outlets. The more the better, right? Not really. The sockets in our kitchen are attached to the wall, neatly side by side. They are on display and not bad-looking at all - they are there to be used, after all. This one corner above the kitchen top has four individual outlets neatly together. Underneath, we have our coffee maker, kettle, juice press and milk foamer. Four outlets should easily be enough for four devices, right? You’d think so, but no. With all plugs of different sizes and shapes, they can only hold a couple at a time. Hence the reason we also have two power strips under our bed. 

With MyNolla, that was one of the things we wanted to change. With every kind of electrical appliances, rechargeable devices and instruments in use these days, we need a power strip that works with them all. So that you can charge your phone, work on your laptop and keep the lamp on all at the same time, without needing any more cables to mess things up. MyNolla fits any shaped and sized plugs, just like that.  

In the case of MyNolla, less truly is more.  

Nice to have around

You might have gotten used to hiding your power strips and extra cable, but MyNolla refuses to hide. Instead it demands to be seen and looked at, because it is such a nice looking power strip. For you to want it there, on sight, we considered what is expected from a product kept on display. 

The look of it, of course. It needs to look nice. As designers, that was the first thing on our list. To please as many people as possible, we also designed it for adaptability. This way, its look is sure to please you, even when you get tired of your current design. By changing the top sheet, MyNolla always becomes a whole new design piece and offers new experiences.

Convenience is another. Nothing can work with just looks alone, especially not a product meant to be used on a daily basis. Appearance doesn’t help if heavy cables cause your power strip to constantly drop down from the table. We have made sure that MyNolla stays put right where you want it. We have added small rubber feet to the bottom to ensure its stability and to give you more options on where and how to place it in your home - whether it’s your desk, floor, table or shelf.  

Surely safe

During the day, anything can happen. Water can spill, dogs chew on the wrong things and kids get their hands on everything they’re not supposed to. That’s life, it happens. With MyNolla, we paid extra attention to its safety features. We want you to feel happy with MyNolla being around, and not having to worry about all the things that could go wrong with electric devices. 

MyNolla strips are prepared from recyclable, sustainable materials that are also durable and secure. You can read more on material safety  here. Even more, we wanted it to be safe inside your home. Home is where life happens, which is why it’s crucial to make sure our products are safe and reliable around your little ones. We have equipped MyNolla with a double child lock, which not only prevents anything from being inserted into the socket itself, but also keeps the lock in place no matter how unyielding the attempt is. 

With MyNolla, we can just let life happen and focus on enjoying it more. 

As for the numbers, I get to pick at least seven. Lucky me. 

How lucky are you?  

Find out more about the features of MyNolla  here

Psst. Even though the materials are very scratch resistant and solid, it is always better if your furry friends avoid chewing on them.