MyNolla Strip nature collection - bundle of design power strips

Our first MyNolla collection is called The Nature Collection. We really didn’t even have to think about the name, because the essence of MyNolla is largely about nature and has been on our minds throughout the process. Since MyNolla was mainly born out of love for nature, it does also feel fitting to start our journey with specifically The Nature Collection - connecting our collection to the nature that inspired it in the first place. 

We did think more about the individual designs. For some time, we simply referred to them as Dark Nolla or similar, but after making final decisions of what the first collection will look like, the seasons were born. Each design inspired by nature in the midst of change, named after familiar elements of nature. The four seasons that are so familiar to us here in Finland, but also exactly where the changing weather phenomena is emphasized more year by year. Seasons that change from one to another and which all have their own special characteristics. They tell of change and movement, nature’s ability to live and adapt to change, and the incredible resilience it goes through with four annual transformations, always just to grow and flourish all over again.

Seasons through change

Particularly the ability to change and adapt is what we wanted MyNolla to represent. The way it perseveres wear and time simply just by adapting to its current surroundings. Just as each season awakens specific feelings and makes you sense the environment differently, The Nature Collection paints a picture of what the seasons uniquely are about. 

What is your favorite season? That is a question we have all heard at some point in our lives. Whether it’s the crispy fall with leaves turning color, awakening in the spring or snow piles of winter, we all have a favorite. And yet, there is something to love in each season. 

Personally, I think it is the change. The variety and movement, which keeps us on our toes and questioning about what happens next. Here in Finland we tend to complain about the weather. A lot. It might be too cold, too rainy, too hot or too snowy, but then again wonderfully white, heavenly warm or nice and crisp. The light and warmth of midsummer, the days spent at the beach and boating, the revived city life along with green nature will surely delight everyone, but what if they were constant? What if the change never came?

An entity built of sections

We precisely wanted our collection to tell about those differences. The four seasons are, after all, an incredible natural phenomenon. How the same elements of nature can survive in the midst of such changes and endure. They really show two extremes: vibrant and thriving, and quiet and waiting. There is constant movement and transformation happening, from one setting of circumstances to another. The same way as our lives and environment around us evolves from day to day, since development never stops.  

Our Nature Collection is a whole, but at the same time it consists of individual sections. 

How options are possible, and most importantly evocative. The best of every season comes through change. The coolness of autumn refreshes after the summer heat. Winter frost and snow make outdoor activities more fun again after a rainy autumn. And when darkness and coldness seem insurmountable, the first rays of spring sunshine appear on a cloudy sky. 

A collection to offer it all

Since variation is exactly the thing that refreshes us, we wanted MyNolla to offer just that. With MyNolla, you do not need to stick with year round summer or never ending rainy seasons, since you can update the design and feel whenever you wish to see a change. 

We’ve thought about all the features exactly according to what kind of feelings we want them to evoke. They are familiar feelings for us, too, something we’ve known all our lives. We do not want to talk about memories from a walk in the woods, and then create a design that is only somehow relevant. We want to create it real. Genuine. So that it is natural and familiar even as you touch it.   

That way, MyNolla can offer you its best. It can give you all four seasons, all their uniqueness and special characteristics, in a simple switch of a top sheet.


Take a closer look at The Nature Collection  here