Black design power strip with walnut top on dark grey textured background and
Your greatest designs deserve the highest recognition.
The European Product Design Award™ recognizes the efforts of talented international product and industrial designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. ePDA shares their innovative and ground-breaking products with the world. 

- ePDA


We entered the European Product Design Award competition last April, and were recently announced as the Winner in Home Interior Products/Electronic Device Accessory category. 

The European Product Design Award honors the best in product design worldwide with the goal of promoting the value of design worldwide. For us, as a Finnish design company, this recognition is especially important.  

This recognition, especially with regard to designing, is extremely important to us, because it is precisely design that has always been the part of the product with which we have wanted to stand out and make MyNolla a completely unique home decoration product, say Miska and Lennart, the designers of MyNolla strip.  

MyNolla's way of making an everyday and ordinary device into a beautiful design product with purpose, and gaining this sort of recognition for it even before the official release highlights the support, appreciation and value our design has already gained.

 About MyNolla strip:

MyNolla Strip is a design power strip combining Finnish design with functionality. The simple form, design for longevity, and the use of real wood make Simple strip a timeless & humble design piece that is as functional as it is simple. With technology becoming an ever-present part of our lives, Simple strip embodies a link between fast-paced technology and the stillness of nature, capturing the essence of Finnish design.

Our entire design process follows in the steps of Finnish design tradition, its enduring, timeless, and even humble nature, which gives rise to vast stories and experiences from one generation to the next. The opportunity to spread vision, experience and evidence of Finnish design to the world is a privilege we highly value.