Our values written on notebook on black desk with pens

For us, values ​​are the cornerstones of our company and all our operations. As people we share the same values and we want to advance our cause to bring about change. Working on the things we’re passionate about does not mean work is not hard or challenging, quite the opposite. Working with the things that matter to you the most is a huge responsibility to bear.

To be able to meet that challenge, we hold our feet firmly in the values ​​of our company.

Our cornerstones of values

First of all, there is that thing just talked about -  PASSION. We love what we’re doing and cannot get enough of it. Our passion for MyNolla shows in many ways. We know what MyNolla is like, how it prefers things and how it doesn’t. We know everything about it. And because we’re so excited about it, we just want to keep talking as much as possible. 

At the office, MyNolla is one of us. It’s a colleague, a friend. It’s as much a part of Riot Innovations as any of us. Even more so, since without MyNolla we as a company would not even be here. 

Our passion is what keeps us going and the thing that started it all. It is urging us to think outside the box and keep going further. 

We have put our innovative design efforts into a power strip. So simple, yet so amazing. We put together our background in design and innovation to create something completely new. A Finnish design product with purpose. 

Stories of Finnish Design

Which leads us to our second value -  FINNISH DESIGN. As much as MyNolla is about electronics, it is about Finnish Design. Cannot have one without the other, since MyNolla is essentially telling a new story of traditional Finnish design. Finnishness is a key part of our company and we want to highlight it, because that is the part of MyNolla that is closest to the materials, the story and the core of our company. We are from Finland, and our story is interlinked with this country and its unique nature. We are introducing new designs, yes, but not just any designs. 

Finnish design is unique just like Finnish people. It involves guts and stubbornness, determination and courage. There is softness underneath the rough interior and unwavering loyalty to one’s own. Finnishness is unyielding, close to nature and pragmatic in its ways. MyNolla is proud to be specifically of Finnish design and has plenty to look up to. All the while going its way avoiding unnecessary hassle. 

Keeping it simple

That is why we  SIMPLIFY things. We want things working and effective, but not complicated. Because MyNolla is for everyone, not just tech-oriented individuals. We promised ourselves we’d keep things simple and explain them in a way that everybody gets what we’re talking about. Life is challenging enough as it is, and our purpose is to make it easier. Never harder. Never complicated. Which is why we trust on  ACCESSIBILITY. Making things for everyone to enjoy. We’re creating things that are meant to be used, and in order for them to be actually used, they need to be easy.  In order to share our passion for this thing with as many people as possible, we have made it accessible. It has a point and, above all, a purpose, but overall it is very stripped down and simple. 

We want to share and build, not exclude anyone.  SUSTAINABILITY is a central part of everything we do. We’re looking at it from a practical level and asking what are the things we as people could easily do. 

Because we get it, you know. We too are just ordinary people trying to reconcile busy work days, peak years, hobbies and free time together as best we can. We all have enough on our plates already, and if there’s one less thing to worry about, all the better. We see sustainability as crucial, but we also understand that it takes effort. It is one more thing to consider and to actively make happen. We want to lighten the burden and not increase it. With simple ways, to help you move towards sustainability without extra effort. Sustainability is making long-lasting choices. That is what we’re doing, too.

We want to hear about you

We’re dealing with these things that are different for everyone. It’s not enough that we love it - we want you to love it, too. But how can we accomplish that, to make you care as much as we do? We wanted to take you in. Make you a part of our story. Because eventually everything comes down to us being a whole, a unity. And as such we’re all important.  EQUALITY is the only way to move forward. To give everyone a voice and to listen to what it says. That is why we want to give you one way to voice yours. Express all the things that are making you, well, YOU. 

We wanted a way to help to empower and stand out. Highlight the individualities that make this world so diverse. By spreading MyNolla to the world, we give voice to difference, personality and distinction, and gain experiences we might otherwise never have access to.  

Our values ​​are present in all that we do, and especially as the launch approaches, when we see them really materializing before our eyes. They keep us aware of what we’re doing and why, and all the while help us develop through reflection. They are our mirror that keeps us honest and true not only to ourselves, but especially to you.