Hand holding black design power strip MyNolla strip black/walnut

Finnish design is one of the core values we follow on every step of our designing process. For us, Finnish design is about materials and how they respond to nature, their durability and adaptability. It’s about bringing technology and comfort closer together and adding to people's living experience with usable and timeless, quality design sharing a story.

Our designs carry the Design from Finland mark, which is awarded to companies whose products are designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner. It also means we are first of all a design company that offers service based on our values. We want to stand out above all by reforming Design Thinking, and also by bringing out Finnish design in particular. We see Finnish design as unique, standalone and cross-breaking, and at the same time being so simple and approachable the first question it brings to mind is  huh, why haven’t I thought of that before?Finnish design is our design. They build from the same roots, take part into common traditions and stand out boldly on their own merits. 

Finnish Design with purpose

Above all,  our Finnish design is design with purpose. Not only do we design to create beautiful objects, but at the same time we want to build necessities. Our design process is wanting to reach beyond and create things anew. Because, why not? Things like power strips are every household essential, but redeemed ugly and a forced must. That is what we’re changing. We created these new unique, personalized and high-quality power strips to add beautiful and at the same time useful objects to your home. The power strip you do not want to hide.  

A power strip is undoubtedly a new kind of design product. But we didn’t want to stop there. At the same time, in order to support sustainability and the circular economy, we wanted to make our power strips long lasting and invest in its materials. It also brings us back to Finnish design.

Recollections of nature

We get inspiration from nature and everything it involves. Sounds, smells, surfaces, and colors we’ve seen and experienced have evoked images of the patterns and materials we’ve used on our Nolla strips. Nature is also collective and something we all share. Each of us has their own memories of walking in the woods, swimming in a lake, sitting on a rock watching tiny ants tickling past. We want to cherish those memories and celebrate this nature of ours. To have you draw recollections of the time you caressed the bark of a tree trunk or hid your toes into sand at the beach. We choose materials that are keeping those memories alive. You can decide which memories are for you.

Our designs tell a story. They tell about the world in which we live and the details often taken for granted. But when you stop and think about it, are they self-evident at all? 

They’re just there, waiting. It’s us who need to stop and take an actual look at them, since our environment keeps changing everyday. Whether it’s green and blossoming, turning yellow from drought or carrying heavy cover of snow, it is made to stand plenty. One day it is full of lively insects and the next it is completely bare. Our nature is what we are made of. It is stern, tenacious, and strong. And it is still there for us to visit, as long as we only remember.