Hand holding leaf of green plant

Sustainability thinking and supporting sustainable development are the themes of today. It is also something that puts constant pressure on people and at the same time a feeling of failure as well as inability.  Why can’t I, when the others can? Why should I, when others won’t?

Sustainability does not look the same for everyone

It is actively choosing and requiring choices, prioritization, meeting challenges, and often change as well. We see the opportunities for sustainable development, but the debate is often on a very large-scale and makes it harder for ordinary people to grasp. 

Everyone is born into a different starting point. Basically everyone is willing and able to choose, but they lack ways to do it effectively. Because why bother, if you can't see it having any difference anyway, right? Because one person or even one household can only do so much, and yet in the big picture it’s just like spitting into the ocean. Plus making those choices only means we have to give up on so much and spend our lives constantly missing out.

But do we, really?

We approach sustainability in a pragmatic way. We consider where we can make an impact and what the consequences might be. We are not trying to come up with solutions for fuel-free air transport or for growing grains successfully without any harmful pesticides, but we are coming up with solutions designed especially for you, your home and part of your daily routine. We want to reach the ordinary folks, and we want to reach them in their homes. 

Because we do believe having an impact on a small scale can eventually change the larger picture significantly.  We’re aiming for awareness

We offer individuality and personalized design. We’re saying you can make your choices to look like you.  Sustainability does not look the same for everyone.


Okay, if we're imagining you can switch your lifestyle more sustainable without actually changing it at all, would you do it? 


Modern life allows for so many things people don’t want to give up. Which is completely understandable. Why would you want to give up the benefits achieved, especially if it means a drop in living standards? What we are worried about is the impact of modern life on the environment and how this standard of living will decline with serious climate problems that are becoming increasingly visible. We want to offer everyone an easy option. A way to reduce your own carbon footprint from day to day without changing your lifestyle in any way. 

It may sound like a dream image or too far away to be your own reality. But it is really not. It can be a part of your home, decorate your bedroom, brighten up your workspace or otherwise just delight you by being on display, available and promoting the principles of sustainable development. Without you having to do just about anything. 

We wanted to step away from complexity and hassle, and create products to support a circular economy and make sustainable choices a priority. Not because it is forced on you, not because you feel pressured. But because you actually want to.

Like I asked,  would you do it?