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The year that made it happen

The year that made it happen

Recap of the year 2022 Indeed, the year 2022 will always be remembered at MyNolla as the year that made it happen. In August, we launched the first ever MyNolla Strip collection and opened our online store. Currently we have 10 MyNolla Strip designs available at - and more to come.

It's time to choose better. Black Friday at MyNolla.

It's time to choose better. Black Friday at MyNolla.

We recognize Black Friday exists and it's an exciting event for consumers, which is why we don't skip it altogether. But we want to take part in our own way. Greener way. Because sale events such as Black Friday can happen also on our own terms. Even the blackest of days can be made a bit brighter, when we start making better choices.

How are we compensating for MyNolla Strip's production?

How are we compensating for MyNolla Strip's production?

MyNolla’s entire production footprint is compensated by forest carbon sink projects in Finland. The compensation service has been purchased through a Finnish operator Ilmastoapu. We have calculated and compensated the entire production footprint of 2022 - read more and see how it's done.

What is green electronics?

What is green electronics?

Green electronics are traditionally considered to be electronics devices with a focus on more sustainable materials and production, but these days more is already needed. Green electronics is capturing the overall life cycle of a product starting from material choices to the eventual recycling, after-use and disposal. What options are there to support green electronics and what is expected to happen in the near future?

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How are we contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals?

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals company wise as well as individuals covers several individual targets, and already proves we can all make sustainable choices and do our part in tackling climate change.

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The importance of Sustainable Development Goals for startups - and for you

While developing the Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations addressed not only public entities like governments and major corporations, but also just regular people. What can be done to achieve those goals in our everyday lives? What can we do as regular people and on a small company level?

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Designed to be repaired

European Commission published a New Circular Economy Action Plan, which aims to bring to the market mainly products that are designed and manufactured to be durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable, such as MyNolla Strip was designed to be from the start.

Wrapping up the year 2021

This was the year when every major development happened with MyNolla. We went from product development to production, started pre-orders, added a third person to the company and got the ball rolling forward with a fastening speed.

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How the raw material shortages and the energy crisis affect small companies

As a small company that is currently bringing its first collection to the market, we were right away face to face with production challenges, delays, price increases and limited availability. How has the shortage of raw materials and the energy crisis in production during the last year affected the operations of a new company?

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We don’t take part in Black Friday. Why?

Marketing campaigns such as Black Friday can urge consumers to buy more than they actually need. According to research, about 80% of Black Friday purchases end up forgotten or simply thrown away after a single use. As we want to promote product longevity, we keep our values close to heart with our promotion campaigns, as well.

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Transparency towards new solutions

In order to support sustainability and create awareness of the possibilities as well as challenges in the industry, we trust in full transparency of our operations. Bringing transparency into our operations is not only part of our responsibility as a company, but also a necessity in order for us to find opportunities and develop new solutions for our industry.