The year that made it happen

Recap of the year 2022

Indeed, the year 2022 will always be remembered at MyNolla as the year that made it happen. In August, we launched the first ever MyNolla Strip collection and opened our online store. Let’s take a quick look at this past year and where we are now as a new year is about to start. 

Partnerships to help us forward

This year, we participated in EEX’s Collaborate for Growth program, where corporate leaders shared their expertise as our Advisory Board. In turn, they learned entrepreneurial leadership skills and mindset directly from startup entrepreneurs. The meetings kicked off in January, and were held regularly throughout the year introducing us to wonderful and talented people with valuable insight to our business. 

We also signed contracts with selected retailers, agencies and collaborators to create additional sales channels for MyNolla Strip. This year, the focus has been mainly in Finland alone, but the goal is to promote sales internationally, as well. 

MyNolla Strip was featured in several interior design magazines in Finland this year, such as Glorian koti, Meidän talo and Talomestari. We collaborated with different influencers on social media and had MyNolla Strip presented in Koti Neulanen at Asuntomessut during July and August. 

At this time, MyNolla is actively present in social media and can be followed on Instagram (my_nolla), Facebook (mynolla) and LinkedIn. 

Production changed location

We relocated our production to Finland during July, and MyNolla Strip is now designed, developed and also made in Finland.

MyNolla Strip was launched in August during Design Helsinki fair, and we introduced the products soon after at Habitare fair at Helsinki fair center. Currently we have ten different designs available in our online store, and more to come early next year. The oak and walnut top sheets are sold individually, enabling everyone the chance to change the design of their power strip. It allows customers to change the appearance of the product as needed, and gives us unlimited possibilities for product development and design.

Artist collaborations

Earlier in the fall we started to work with a Finnish artist Teemu Järvi with a goal to create a unique MyNolla Strip collection. Järvi is especially known for his nature inspired designs and illustrations. The collaboration sets off our artist collaborations, where MyNolla Strip gets a new look designed by rising stars and well-known artists. 

These familiar and captivating animal figures fit beautifully as a part of any interior design and are already loved globally. The MyNolla x Teemu Järvi Collection starts with three illustrations: Mysterious Bear, Charming Deer and Foxcub. The Collection is currently sold via

In October, we organized a Design Competition with an open entry. Young designers got a chance to design a new top sheet for MyNolla Strip, and the winner was selected via public vote. The winning design is currently in production and will be launched early next year. 

New year ahead

This year proved that a lot can happen in twelve months. As we continue to live in these uncertain times, adaptability and quick response are essential to anyone’s success. We at MyNolla continue forward to grow the company, developing our operation and increasing the product selection, while monitoring the world situation and the changes that current events may require. 

All the while, we are thrilled and pleased with the kind of product we have created and the support it has received from the customers. We’re happy to continue to 2023 and keep spreading the word about Nordic design and MyNolla Strip.

We want to thank you all for keeping up with us this year, sharing your thoughts and feedback and supporting the work that we do. 

We wish you all the best for 2023!