It's time to choose better. Black Friday at MyNolla.

Black Friday has become one of the biggest sale and marketing events of the year. What used to be a one day sale has grown into a week or even a month long sale event promoting bigger and bigger discounts, urging people to keep buying more. It's timing right before the holiday season is convenient. Plus we all like good discounts - who wouldn't?


Issue with encouraging to consume more

The problem with Black Friday is not only its way of encouraging over-consumption, but also the way how this type of sale items end up in the trash. Excessive consumption leads to dissatisfaction, since purchases are not thought through. 

It is estimated that up to 80% of Black Friday purchases are thrown away after just one or zero uses, and the average consumption sum is hundreds of euros per person. Since excessive consumption is one of the reasons why the climate crisis is escalating, huge campaign days such as Black Friday only keep adding to the amount of waste generated on a yearly basis. 


Break the Black Friday tradition

Last year, we skipped Black Friday. In a way it was an easy decision, since our products were only available for pre-order at that time. This time, however, even with products available to order, we want to break away from this Black tradition and turn it around.

We recognize Black Friday exists and it's an exciting event for consumers, which is why we don't skip it altogether. But we want to take part in our own way. Greener way. Because sale events such as Black Friday can happen also on our own terms. Even the blackest of days can be made a bit brighter, when we start making better choices. Our responsibility is to offer more sustainable solutions, and not start a bidding competition with other brands. 

Consumers are responsible for demand. The more demand there is for responsible products and campaigns, the more there will be in the future. Together we can make the change for the better. Choose better.


Black Friday at MyNolla

We will donate 5€ for every MyNolla Strip sold during 25.-28.11.2022. Our donations go to The Nature Conservation Foundation for nature and environmental protection, where the funds are used to support objects outside the special funds.

From MyNolla's online store, you can order a special Black Friday bundle offer where you get an additional top sheet with the MyNolla Strip you ordered. Thus we can offer you something special, and all the while lengthen the life cycle of your product.

You can order and support the donation here