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MyNolla Strip / Fox Cub

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Teemu Järvi Illustration's Fox Cub is an endearing and playful design, which at the same time emphasizes attentiveness in every space. Its kind and curious look suits the needs of all ages and makes Fox Cub a cheerful detail in any room, reminding us of the magic of the outdoors. MyNolla Strip x Fox Cub’s beautifully simplistic design and earthy tones reflect the uniqueness of northern nature.

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Electrical rating: 16A 250V~, Max: 3680W

Outlets:3x Type F

Cable:2m (3 x 1,5mm²)

Plug type:Right angle plug (CEE7/7)

Cable material:PVC

Body material:PC/ABS

Body color:black/white

Dimensions:212 x 71 x 44mm

Top Sheet surface material:Birch veneer

Top Sheet backing material:Birch plywood


Please note, due to the use of natural Birch veneer for the top sheet, variations in color and texture might appear

1x MyNolla Power Strip (Black/White)

1x Top sheet (with Teemu Järvi illustration)

Digital warranty & User manual

We send our packages via Posti safely to all European countries. The delivery price is calculated by country at checkout. Free shipping for orders over 150€.

Returns are always free in European Union countries.

If you have any questions about the return process, or your return, please contact us and send a message using the contact form or by email to and our customer service will contact you as soon as possible.

MyNolla’s carbon footprint was calculated as an Energy and environmental technology students’ project by the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. The environmental impacts were modeled using the SimaPro life cycle analysis program. Life cycle modeling is limited to the end of product assembly and packaging, and calculated per product to find out the carbon footprint of one MyNolla Strip in the making until we have it boxed in storage.

The total carbon footprint of MyNolla was calculated as 3,99 kg CO2 eq. For comparison, emissions from the production correspond to an approximately 27 km journey by car.

MyNolla’s entire production footprint is compensated by forest carbon sink projects in Finland. The compensation is done with carbon sink projects, in which pine seedlings are bought and planted in a forest removed from peat production or in peat land exempted from other use. We have received a data sheet with a general description of the area, the planting area on a map and exact map coordinates.

Damages caused by possible unforeseen forest damage such as fire, insect damage, storm damage, etc. are compensated by planting new saplings in place of the damaged trees. 

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Yes, MyNolla Strip is safe! It has been designed and developed to meet the highest standards and it has been tested and approved after passing the highest European safety tests.

No, MyNolla Strip at this point does not have any USB ports. As the technology for USB ports and the demands for devices is rapidly changing we have decided to not use any USB ports, until we know that we can satisfy our users for many years to come.

MyNolla Strip has been designed and developed in-house in Espoo, Finland. 80% of the components for MyNolla Strip come from the EU with final assembly and manufacturing happening in Lithuania, EU. From there, they are being shipped to the end customers.

Yes, the top sheet is removable and can be changed at any point as they fit magnetically.

MyNolla offers a 2-year limited warranty on all MyNolla Strips purchased from The warranty covers the repair or replacement of any defective material or component. In the rare case that we are unable to repair or replace the defective material or component, we will submit a refund. It does not cover any issues due to normal wear and tear, misuse or loss/theft of the device.

You can find the user manual hereor by scanning the QR-code in the product package

We will soon start selling individual top sheets so you can freely mix and match the looks of your MyNolla Strip. At this point however, we do not yet sell them as individual products.