MyNolla x Teemu Järvi Illustrations now available: Nordic design power strips with popular Finnish nature illustrations

MyNolla Strip extension cords are equipped with changeable top sheets made of wood that now feature three recognizable animal figures from Finnish nature. The collection's beautifully simplistic design and earthy tones reflect the uniqueness of Nordic nature.


MyNolla, Release, January 5th 2023, 8am

Finnish design company MyNolla and artist Teemu Järvi, known for his nature-themed illustrations, have started a collaboration. MyNolla designs beautiful electrical home appliances and strives to create timeless and durable design products that fit any style and environment. The collaboration with Teemu Järvi Illustrations is part of MyNolla's artist collaboration, where Nordic extension cords get a new look designed by rising stars and well-known artists.

The cooperation resulted in a collection of Nordic design power strips illustrated with familiar animal characters from Finnish nature. Järvi has illustrated the wooden top sheets of the internationally awarded MyNolla Strip design extension cord with well-known graphics of forest animals. The team at MyNolla is especially excited to collaborate withTeemu Järvi, because his nature-inspired illustrations are a natural fit with the wood material used in MyNolla’s design.

"We are great admirers of Teemu’s work, and the opportunity to have Teemu's illustration as part of MyNolla Strip is a great honor and pleasure for us. The nature theme and animal figures from Finnish nature sit beautifully as part of the interior design and are already loved in the Nordics. Now the same illustration can also be brought into one's home in a new type of design product and everyday use item," says Miska Karvinen, CEO of MyNolla.

The collaboration originated from the partners' love of nature and a shared design background, which emphasizes bringing a calming nature experience into urban everyday life. The collection was implemented by fitting Järvi's illustration to MyNolla’s top sheets made of birch plywood, and it consists of three well-known characters from the woods: Mysterious Bear, Charming Deer and Foxcub. Teemu Järvi's way of spending a large amount of his time in nature and his observation of wild animals come out strongly in the illustrations.

"When I draw, in my mind I’m wandering in the woods. I want to deliver this state of mind to others in my work as well. I hope that my art could act as a gateway to a calming forest experience even when it is not physically possible to get there. Mysterious bear, Charming deer and Foxcub all create their own kind of atmosphere to the space and room where they are displayed," says Järvi.

All three designs are available with both black and white extension cords, and the magnetically attached top sheets can be easily changed from one design to another for a variety of new looks.


Commitment towards responsible design

MyNolla’s products are designed for repairability, and all their individual parts can be reused and properly recycled. Emissions during production have been compensated with carbon sink projects in Finland.

Natural materials and sustainable development are also a key part of Järvi's work. His illustrations are known for, among other things, various home textiles and household items, which emanate the Nordic experience of nature and humble approach to the environment. In addition to art, practicality and high quality are a part of each product. Together with MyNolla they share the desire to reduce unnecessary consumption and to offer consumers products that can withstand time and use.

"When MyNolla's Miska Karvinen suggested cooperation, I was immediately interested, because MyNolla's product idea is original, the product is well designed and the production is high quality and responsible. MyNolla's extension cord is an eye-catcher in itself, when a bulk product usually bought at a hardware store has been made into a high-quality part of the interior. With an illustration, the extension cord becomes even more personalized and adds a feeling to it. The design is also very timeless, like my black and white illustrations," says Järvi.

The MyNolla x Teemu Järvi Collection is now available to order from MyNolla’s online store and through selected retailers.

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