Case Naava: Improving the central showroom outlet solutions in cooperation with MyNolla

MyNolla has partnered up with Naava Group Oy. Naava is a Finnish health technology company, known as the global market leader in green walls and biological indoor air purification. Naava's goal is to bring more of nature and fresh air into modern interiors. With Naava's green walls, you can bring a furniture-like design product that automatically takes care of plants into the interior, which fits beautifully with the rest of the mood and style, and at the same time improves the overall appearance of the space and the quality of the indoor air.

MyNolla is a Finnish design company that strives to enable their customers better experiences with decorating and electrical appliances. MyNolla designs Nordic extension cords that fit seamlessly into any interior style and improve the experience of homes and offices with electrical appliances with the help of high-quality design and natural materials. The companies share a passion for high-quality Scandinavian design language and biophilic design, where familiar elements and atmosphere from nature are brought into interior spaces.

The cooperation started with Aki Soudunsaari of Naava getting together with MyNolla’s CEO Miska Karvinen. Naava needed to improve the socket solutions at their Helsinki showroom and thereby complete the appearance and functionality of the room. Enni Karell and Eeva Niemelä, who are in charge of Naava’s interior design and brand look, had previously designed the space together with the landlord Sponda. Naava's showroom was created as a versatile space, which was designed for natural elements, light tones and functional workspaces, realized as a harmonious whole.

“Naava's new showroom demonstrates the premises of the future and how to make the spaces comfortable, supportive of people's well-being and flexible at the same time. Naava works with more than 1000 companies on three continents, helping them to create human-friendly spaces where Scandinavian design, nature and technology meet”, Soudunsaari shares.

One issue from a visual and practical point of view was the extension cords that cluttered the overall look of the space, but had to be left out in the open due to the space limitations of the open office. Every workstation in the showroom demands sockets, and in addition, Naava's own electrically operated products are often placed in a central place far away from wall outlets. The layout of the plugs in the space were predetermined and not perfectly suited for the interior and the requirements of multi-use spaces.

“We need extension cords for our own Naava products as well as electric tables, monitors and chargers. Unfortunately, boring looking extension cords squirmed across the floors, creating unsightly lumps and cord tangles,” Niemelä tells. 

Extension cords enable electricity to be brought further from the wall, which increases the flexibility of the premises, but they do not fit naturally with the rest of the interior, which in turn flattens the overall appearance of the interior. This had also been noticed at Naava.

"Naava had previously come across MyNolla’s sockets and interior solutions. The CEO of MyNolla, Miska Karvinen, went to see the premises and in cooperation we were able to come up with solutions that support our values ​as well as the design technology thinking, and are really pleasing to the eye at the same time."

Naava's brand is nature-oriented, harmonious and complete, and the same atmosphere was needed for the entire showroom. Naava invests in the human-friendliness and comfort of the premises by taking into account the physiological and psychological needs people have, which is often forgotten in today's buildings.

“MyNolla and Naava have in common a simple, stylish Nordic design look, good usability and customer orientation. We both develop products to solve genuine everyday problems, which can significantly improve the quality of life,” Soudunsaari tells.

The purpose of the Naava showroom is to demonstrate modern day office space.


MyNolla extends Naava’s natural and Scandinavian interior design further

After visiting and examining the needs of the space, MyNolla offered Naava options, where the demands of each workstation and user were individually taken into account, e.g. in terms of cord length and material, as well as the appearance of the product. Naava chose oak and walnut as wood materials, which naturally adapt to the already created color scheme of the space. From the cables, they requested textile cables of different lengths, the length of which can be adjusted as needed with a separate customized clip. 

MyNolla's wooden top sheets fit beautifully into the green and light interior of the showroom. Same natural tones are visible in the cables, adapting also to the coloring of Naava's own products. The cables and outlets that spread out on the floor echo the familiar color scheme of down to earth materials and fit seamlessly into the interior, replacing the previous jungle of wires.

At Naava, the new extension cords were received with satisfaction and have aroused admiration as part of the showroom.

"Earlier, the ugly mess of extension cords in the office was annoying, but now they actually make us proud as an indelible part of modern office spaces - both ours and the customers'," says Naava. "Now we don't even have to try to hide them anymore, we can just keep them on the floor and they still look nice."

Warm and high-quality design extensions make using power strips even more pleasant and versatile. The individual service offered by MyNolla and the customization of products to suit the customer's needs gave Naava the opportunity to complete the look of their showroom in accordance with her own brand look and values. At the same time, the implementation of the cooperation and the customizability planned for the products leave room for possible changes and updating of the facilities in the future as well. It carries both brands' work for sustainability and the environment along with the products' long service life.