How to create the perfect home office

The corona pandemic may have started the hybrid work trend, but it is by no means ending. On the contrary, according to statistics in Finland, in 2022, up to 13% of working 15-74-year-olds still worked half of their working time at home. The hybrid model has become the new normal, which is why more and more is invested in home office interior design. The work desk needs to fit seamlessly into the rest of the interior and support good work ergonomics. Luckily for everyone, the home workstation can be transformed into a comfortable and stylish one with a few easy tricks that also make work smoother. Here are our tips on how to create the perfect home office.

Pay attention to the work environment

Remote work is most successful when the work environment and equipment are in good condition. Instead, many people forget that it is also worth investing in the comfort and decoration of the work environment. It may be a small thing, but its impact on the work environment is significant. For example, try adding fresh flowers in a beautiful vase to the desk. In this way, you can add color and something alive to the environment alongside just screens and wires.

If you're not a flower person, don't worry, because the same effect can also be achieved by placing photos, boards or posters on or around the desk, with which you bring out your own personality and at the same time extend the decoration to the workspace as well.

Add some flexibility

More and more offices have turned into multi-use spaces, where people no longer use one designated workstation but move between different spaces as needed. The same principle applies to one’s home office. While morning can start comfortably at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, afternoon's intensive meetings demand a quieter room. Work tools must therefore be easily transported between different rooms and enable smooth work in each room.

It is important to take breaks when working, so that the blood circulation is not blocked and especially the neck-shoulder area gets stuck under too much strain. It can be profitable to get an adjustable desk or an ergonomically designed office chair for your home, but when there is no possibility, it is worth investing in changing the place of work and position often enough. Wherever you prefer to do your tasks, it can be fixed in a way that is works for both your mind and body. For example, the position on the sofa can be comfortably supported with pillows stuffed behind your back and on your lap, and standing up is merely limited by your imagination. Use a pile of books to bring the level higher, walk around the kitchen table whenever there’s a call to make - it’s really up to you and what you come up with. A fact is that hybrid work lessens daily activity during working hours, if it means just sitting down rather than switching from place to place like you’d do at the office, talking with colleagues or just going to the toilet. 

Invest in pleasant work tools

Modern work equipment, such as a laptop and a telephone, move easily between different workstations, even if there’s a rush to do it. Interiors, on the other hand, are not necessarily designed to be functional enough in all respects for today's requirements. The number of wall sockets in apartments and even new developments is still small, which in part limits the possibilities of working anywhere around the house. In addition, at home, most of the sockets are already in active use, and in the dark months of winter, for example, you kinda need to keep both the desk lamp and your laptop on at the same time in order to keep working comfortably. We all know how at the office cords and cables lie all over the floors, and nobody wants to make that happen at home. No matter how often ones works from home, it’s crucial to be able to let go and forget all about work once that laptop shuts. 

MyNolla is known for their high-quality design power strips, which extend power while also enhancing the overall interior. The stylish power strip with a wooden top sheet fits into any space and is pleasurable to use. Sockets that fit beautifully on the desk or other living areas create a smooth connection between home and workplace, offering everyday practical work tools in a way that fits the interior. In addition, the extension cord moves easily from room to room and allows you to work in your favorite place - be it the corner of the sofa, the bedroom or a space reserved for work.

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