Best gift ideas for the summer

Summer is the high season for parties. There are graduations, weddings and visits to friends and family. The holiday season being at its peak, there’s a continuous need for gift giving. But what kind of gifts are the best for graduates, wedding couples or youngsters moving to their own? We put together the best gift ideas for the summer parties to make sure there are ideas to go around for everyone. 

Best gifts for graduations

Young school graduates are starting their own independent lives. Perhaps they will already move on their own during the summer, start everyday life in a new city and a new school. Or if they’re already graduating from university, they’re starting regular work soon. All the same, young adults need a lot of things at graduation, which means the gift options are almost limitless. Best kinds are the ones that keep on giving after the party's over.

Traditionally, the graduates have been given money, must-haves for their own place, jewelry or electronics. Gift cards are also popular, and also liked by graduates themselves. The starting point for the gift is that the graduate gets to enjoy it. Necessities for their first home are guaranteed to be used, and a student living on a tight budget may not want to purchase high-quality dishes or decorative items with their limited budget. There is certainly a use for the money as well, but there are never any guarantees as to where and how it will be used. That's why we encourage you to give something lasting, something that will also carry them through the future and through the coming school years or the start of working life.

Best gift for weddings

Summer is the main season for weddings. The warm weather, cozy summer evenings and the holiday season inspire wedding couples to organize parties during the best time of the year. Nowadays, money is more often given also as a wedding gift, which the wedding couple has requested, for example, for a future honeymoon, for decorative items to be purchased together, or for a shared home. The problem with monetary gifts is often the amount that seems appropriate - what is too little, how much should be given and what can you really afford? Especially if there are several wedding parties during one summer, it can get costly.

The best gift for a wedding couple can be very simple and practical, but at the same time an excellent purchase in terms of price-quality ratio. It is difficult for the couple to buy decorative items or other interior items, as it’s tricky to get something that’ll please them both equally. Focus on thinking about a gift addressed to both of them. Perhaps something that can be shared. Wouldn't it be nice to curl up on the couch together under personalized blankets, or go to a long-awaited concert together with the tickets you got as a wedding gift? The best gift is about long lasting memories that will remind of the love shared together on that day.


Best summer gift

Summer is the time to visit friends and family. Relatives and friends travel to each other's summer houses, and families get together to spend some quality time together. In the summer, it is also customary to remember our loved ones with something nice. A summer gift doesn't have to be big or expensive, on the contrary, the idea is the most important here. Savory summer treats, for example, selected specifically with the person in mind, are a popular gift idea, and will for sure please everyone. A good bottle of wine or a beautiful bouquet of flowers is always welcomed, as well.

If it's a particularly close relative or friend, dare to invest a little more. Would summer be a great time to remember loved ones with a beautiful decorative item that you could get to brighten up their interior? Only close people know each other's taste so well that they should buy any interior decor, but certain decorations are always useful. Think about what objects and things are always used at the summer house or at home, and the ideas will probably start to flood. Whether it's a tablecloth, a tray or a picnic basket, summer vacation deserves a little something special.

Gifts for all summer parties

Have you thought about what is the thing used in every single home? Of course, an extension cord. No matter how carefully the interior is thought out, these days you can't do without extension cords. There are so many devices that need to be charged and that use electricity that there are not enough wall sockets for all needs. However, extension cords are quite ugly, cheaply made-in-China plastic boxes that no one wants in their home, and most definitely would never think of as gifts.

That's why we created MyNolla power strip different. It’s a stylish extension cord designed to make everyday life even more beautiful and practical. The high-quality extension cord is designed for longevity with high focus on sustainability. MyNolla extension cord is made to last through different stages of life and to fit its user perfectly - so it's a great gift idea for those moving into their own home, starting their studies, or to wedding couples! The collection has styles for every taste and, best of all, the wooden top sheet is easy to change from one design to another.

Also, do you know anyone who doesn't use extension cords? So here is a gift that everyone will definitely use, but not many think of to give. Talk about best gift ideas for the summer and every occassion!

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