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MyNolla Strip is designed, developed and made in Finland.

MyNolla Strip is available through our own online store or through selected retailers.

MyNolla Strip has a smaller carbon footprint than comparable products, due to the local production in Europe. On top of that we are carbon compensating each product.

MyNolla Strip comes in two different base colors, black and white as well as a number of different top sheet designs and materials, that is steadily increased in order to meet your demands.

Yes, the top sheets used for MyNolla Strip are made of real wood including red oak veneer, walnut veneer as well as birch veneer. All of the wood used is from certified sources and made in Finland.

MyNolla Strips cable is 2m long

No, we currently don't have a version with USB slots.

MyNolla Strip has a decorative top sheet which fits magnetically and can easily be removed and changed to match your design preference.

MyNolla Strip is designed and tested to be as safe as possible. The outlets are protected by custom designed child protection shutters and none of the electronics are accessible. However, it is an electrical product and therefore not intended for the use by children.

Yes, MyNolla is a Finnish company, founded 2018 in Espoo, Finland, where we are still located and shipping the products from.

Using MyNolla Strip

Before using MyNolla Strip, make sure you have read the safety instructions and are familiar with them. In order to use MyNolla Strip, insert the plug into a wall outlet and place MyNolla Strip on an even surface. Before connecting any devices, make sure that the button is off (If the LED is not running, the device is turned off).

When MyNolla Strip is connected to a wall outlet, simply push the on/off button located on the top of MyNolla strip all the way until the button clicks and the LED turns white. To turn MyNolla strip off push the button again until you hear a quiet click and the button releases. The button should jump back to the neutral position and the LED should turn off.

MyNolla Strip has an electrical rating of 16 Amps and 250V and has a max load of 3680W. Please make sure that the devices connected use max 16 Amps do not draw more Wattage combined than 3680W.

You can use F-type, E-type or C-type plugs

No, MyNolla Strip is not designed or tested to withstand any water or humidity. Therefore only use it in dry areas and indoors only

No, MyNolla Strip does not have a surge protection. Therefore we advise you to unplug it during a thunderstorm or when you are not at home.

MyNolla strip is an electrical product and is recycled according to WEEE guidelines. Find you nearest recycling station here (for Finland)

Use and care

Changing the top sheet is very easy. First unplug MyNolla Strip from the electricity. Then insert a thin tool or toothpick into the small hole on the underside of MyNolla Strip opposite of the cable entry. Push gently to remove top sheet.

Each top sheet is fitted with 3 magnets ensuring a snug fit that won't fall off during normal use.

To keep MyNolla Strip in good condition you can use a moistened towel to wipe it clean from the outside, and with a dry cloth clean the outlets. You can remove the top sheet and wipe it clean separately.

If your MyNolla Strip doesn’t work anymore or you suspect it is broken disconnect it from the electricity source immediately and unplug any connecting devices. Please reach out to us or the place you purchased the device regarding any possible warranty claims.

It is normal for a power strip to get warmer during use, due to the flow of electricity. However, if the device heats up to more than body temperature or you suspect it is broken, unplug it immediately and contact us.