The power strip you won’t need to hide

MyNolla, Release, 24.8.2022

A new Finnish design innovation solves an interior design challenge we all recognize and turns extension cords into an environmentally friendly interior design product.

In recent years, more and more effort has been put into home decoration and interior design, but even well-thought-out interior design suffers from a familiar problem: no matter how precisely the electrical plans are made, in the end there is always a need for extension cords, which in turn spoil the overall look of the interior.

The worldwide market for extension cords is huge, and extension cords are sold annually for more than ten billion dollars. However, the design or user-friendliness of extension cords have not been invested in, and generally interior design focuses on finding new ways to hide them from sight. A new Finnish design company MyNolla offers a solution to the age-old interior design issue and brings a new kind of design power strip to the market.

MyNolla Strip combines the utility of a familiar power strip with a timeless Finnish design, and boldly elevates power strips into the interior. MyNolla Strip is designed above all with user-friendliness in mind to improve the end user's everyday life. A stylish design power strip can be displayed in a visible place in home or office space and easily accessible for electricity use.

MyNolla Strip has been awarded with the European Product Design Award and chosen by Alberto Alessi as Habitare fair’s Best Concept. MyNolla holds the Design from Finland mark, which is awarded to companies that design their products professionally and responsibly in Finland. Obtaining the mark requires the company to operate transparently and customer-oriented.


Responsibly designed in Finland

MyNolla designs and develops sustainable electrical appliances and accessories. The company is based in Espoo, Finland and their aim is to offer users a better experience with electricity use. The company's first product, MyNolla Strip, was designed and developed in Finland and manufactured in the EU. In the future, the company's goal is to increase the selection of responsible and sustainable electrical accessories to serve the needs of households and offices even better.

“When we started designing the product, we tried to ignore what power strips have traditionally been like. We started from the needs of the users and developed a product that everyone would truly want in their home. The goal has been to create a necessary and practical product that fits in any space and is comfortable to use in everyday life," says Miska Karvinen, founder and CEO of MyNolla.

Unlike regular power strips, MyNolla Strip is designed to be repaired and recycled. It has also been tested to be suitable for the 16A electric current required in Finland, which makes it safe for continuous use.

Each MyNolla Strip is equipped with a magnetically attached top sheet, which can be changed to another one as needed without special tools. Thus the top sheet can always fit to the interior and preferences of the user, and in the event of damage, it is possible to replace it with a new one without having to purchase a completely new power strip. Since the interior may be changed often and unity is usually sought from the whole, with the possibility to update the appearance of the product, the company wants to guarantee a better customer experience and satisfaction.

The top sheets are made of sustainably sourced natural materials, such as oak and walnut. In the future, the selection of materials is growing to include other types of wood and, for example, natural stone, and to focus more and more on recycled materials.

"We understand our responsibility as a designer of a new product, and taking sustainability into account has been a guiding factor for us, from the design table to material choices and supporting local production. We wanted to design MyNolla Strip as a sustainable product and build the operation on a responsible basis from the beginning. All parts of MyNolla Strip are replaceable, so that the product remains in use as long as possible and its parts can be reused. To our delight, we have noticed that the trend is growing, and also that the EU is preparing the Right to Repair initiative to extend the life cycle of products and save raw materials," MyNolla's team says.

The company's investment in sustainable design and production can be seen especially in the product's high-quality and sustainable material choices, the EU focus and the product's extended life cycle. The carbon footprint of the products is also emission compensated for the entire production.


MyNolla Strip is now on sale

MyNolla Strip is now on sale in MyNolla's own online store and at selected retailers for €89. Individual design top sheets will be available for purchase soon.

More information about the selection can be found on MyNolla's website at


Further information:

Miska Karvinen, CEO and Founder,, +358451361267.

Lennart Schmitz, Head of Design and Co-Owner,, +358452023881.

Media inquiries: Sara Räisänen, Head of Communications,, +358 44 2315542.


MyNolla in brief

MyNolla is a contemporary, premium design brand from Finland dedicated to enhancing interiors and user experience. The products reflect the simple and humble Finnish way of life, combined with an inspiration drawn from nature, classic Finnish design, and culture. The aim is to deliver the highest quality with a modern take on Nordic design, and to create truly timeless and lasting design products to fit any interior. MyNolla is a subsidiary name of Riot Innovations Oy.