Best Christmas gifts 2023

What are the best Christmas gift ideas 2023 for people of all ages? What kind of gift idea will make everyone happy and will definitely be used? Nordic design power strip replaces the typically hidden and ugly-looking extension cords and makes power strips a beautiful home decor piece. Since each of us uses extension cords both at home and at the office, a stylish extension cord is a great gift idea for people of all ages. 


I never thought I could fall in love with a power strip. But I felt in love with MyNolla at first sight. It is stylish, has a high-quality feel, works well and fits into the interior.” -Pirkko

Gift for women

Getting MyNolla products as a gift is particularly easy, as you can choose a specific design to be delivered in a stylish design package, or order a gift card with which the recipient can choose the extension cord they like best. Finding a good and practical Christmas gift doesn't get any easier than this. When you think about it, you can probably come up with quite a few places where extension cords are already being used. MyNolla design extension cord is a guaranteed choice as a gift for anyone who needs extra sockets for charging their devices, for example. This stylish extension cord is the perfect pair for both designer lighting and entertainment centers in the living room, and it brings electricity exactly where it is needed.


Choose the most practical gift

A beautiful extension cord is a fool-proof gift that is guaranteed to bring a smile to every man's face. A stylish extension cord is perfect for home and office workstations and as an accessory for hi-fi equipment. Now they can charge all their devices reliably and easily with a design power strip! All MyNolla extension cords are delivered in a stylish design package that also serves as a gift package.


I've been using this for two months now and it works great. On top of that it looks very stylish.” – Aki



A beautiful and lasting gift

What are the best gift ideas for women? Everyone definitely wants to give a gift that the recipient genuinely likes and values. A design extension cord is a new kind of interior design product that will for sure be used in every home. Often, extension cords are the biggest headache with interior design, since it’s never gonna fit the space with ease and complement the interior as a whole.

Except now! This extension cord makes it easier to change the interior and move the furniture, because you don't have to start moving the wall sockets separately when the rest of the interior changes. And it’ll always fit the style and look of the space, since the wooden top sheets can be switched to match. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Power strips bring sockets exactly where they’re needed, whether it’s the living room couch or master bedroom. A beautiful extension cord that matches the interior will make a woman happy day after day and complete the interior of every room.



Gift for couples


A gift that will be used

The best Christmas gift for any student is a beautiful extension cord that makes the study sessions more pleasant and functional. Students' apartments are often small and devoid of amenities, and there is no separate space for studying. A stylish power strip fits in any space and makes using the study devices, such as a laptop, even easier. An extension cord is a practical gift that will certainly not be forgotten in the closet, but will definitely be of use.

Nordic design is also an excellent gift idea for graduation parties and housewarming parties. A durable and long-lasting extension cord is a guaranteed choice that will give joy for a long time through different stages of life.


Lasting design for their shared home

The best gift idea for a couple is something that they can both use. It is often difficult to buy suitable design products for other people's homes, because you are never completely sure what others want or what they already have. The stylish extension cord is a product that the couple will definitely use and that will remind them of the holidays spent together for a long time to come. If you wish, you can get the couple their own extension cords for their nightstands, for example, or give a gift card with which they can choose their favorites from the whole selection.

Families with children also appreciate the safety and harmonious design of MyNolla, which makes it suitable for an idyllic children's room to be used together with a night light, air humidifier or reading lamp. This stylish extension cord can be left in a visible place because the double child locks prevent small fingers from getting into the sockets. You can also easily attach it to a table with the MyNolla table mount. The top sheets made of natural materials can always be replaced if they get colored or scratched. However, always remember that this is not a toy for children.


“The strip blends in perfectly with the living room interior, and finally becomes a decoration” -Edoardo


stylish package


We deliver the products in stylish designer packaging, which has been carefully designed to complete the experience. The package also works as a beautiful gift package.


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