A gift for dads who have everything?

Father’s Day is approaching like it does every year. And every year we’re faced with the same problem: what to give as a gift for dads who have everything - and most of all want nothing? The ideas for great gifts are usually limited by budget, long distance or just the lack of ideas. Even though presents are not the most important thing, most of us genuinely want to give something nice for our loved ones on special occasions. But what to give to a dad who has it all?

A self-made gift

A self-made gift is a classic choice that every father and grandfather will surely love. The smaller the child has made the gift, the more beloved it becomes. A self-made gift is a great way to collect precious memories and put effort into the gift. If you are gifted in arts and crafts or craftsmanship, self-made gifts are always a safe choice. For example, a wooden basket, a knife, a neck scarf and wool socks are a gift that one always needs, even if they already have several beforehand.

Customized gift

Various customizations, such as engraved messages, are widely available these days for a variety of purposes. A gift with its own message is a particularly personal present to hand out, and beautifully connects the recipient and the giver. The message can include key memories of you two, baby's first footprints or photos, which will keep the memories of those moments alive and will surely warm the heart of any father.


Hobby equipment

If your dad has hobbies that he has enjoyed year after year, a gift suitable for that specific activity can be a good choice. It may seem that your dad already has everything required, but for an active person, the equipment also wears out surprisingly quickly. Hikers who enjoy the outdoors and enjoy nature need a wide variety of gear, from thermos flasks to pot coffee, a merino wool layer and a flashlight, suitable for every budget. Fathers who get excited about new hobbies could enjoy experience gifts where they can try new sports or participate in interesting events.

Doing things together or privately

Often the best gift is time together. Invite dad to a joint dinner at a restaurant, cultural events, hockey game or yoga class - just use your imagination. If the distance is too long to organize something together, Gift Cards are a great way to please those busy in the middle of everyday life. Offer a relaxing massage, a gift card for the gym or an online store, from which your dad can choose the gift he likes. 

Time together

Especially during the pandemic, the distance between people has increased and families have been able to see each other less than usual. The hustle and bustle of everyday life, the distance and the epidemic have perhaps forced us to miss many shared festive moments. Undoubtedly, the most important thing for any dad is to get the family together and spend time with loved ones on Father's Day. So what if you schedule some time for a personal visit? Surprise your dad by knocking on the door in honor of Father's Day, delight your grandpa with a cup of coffee and a day walk and just be there for them. A perfect gift to dads who have everything and want nothing!

A gift that is useful

Each of us surely wants to make dad happy with a gift that will be useful. Buying unnecessary goods is pointless both for the recipient of the gift and for the environment, so when choosing a gift, you should really think about whether it will be used.

One thing that each of us surely uses is an extension cord. Extension cords are traditionally tucked behind cabinets, under tables and curtains, hidden from view, but they can nevertheless be found from every household. An extension cord is a necessary evil, without which you can't survive even if you want to.

How about giving your dad a truly stylish extension cord this year? MyNolla Strip is a Finnish design power strip that is responsibly produced and designed to be on display. When you don't have to hide your power strips, they end up benefiting you way more. Sockets are always available when needed and extend electricity where it is needed, and equally after use, the power can be easily turned off with one push of a button. MyNolla Strip is a beautiful extension cord that fits seamlessly together with valuable speakers and entertainment hubs, and will instantly enhance your dad’s desk with an improved look. The power strip, which combines timeless Finnish design and natural materials, comes in a beautiful package and can also be ordered with home delivery. It is also possible to add a personal engraving to the top sheet to highlight the cause.

You can also give a MyNolla gift card as a Father’s Day present and let your dad choose his favorite design. The best gift for dads who have everything is a gift that will surely be used!

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