White Slate

MyNolla White Slate is inspired by the warmth of the first sun rays after a long dark winter on your face. The feeling when the snow is starting to melt and the sun is reflecting on the rocks that start to appear through the snow. MyNolla White Slate embodies the warmth of spring, the feeling of hope and the familiar feeling of closing your eyes, of stopping and taking in the serenity and reminding us to appreciate the moments of stillness and

  • A power strip unlike any other. MyNolla Strip stands for remarkable quality and attention to detail. With its humble form and a uniquely designed top sheet, MyNolla Strip is reimagining the way we access electricity on a day-to-day basis. The strip is equipped with a magnetic fitting top sheet, allowing you to replace the top sheet and change the appearance at any point - to always fit your interior.

    • 3 Type F sockets (16A, 100-240V - 50/60 Hz, Max 3680W)
    • Cable Length: 2m
    • Cable material: PVC
    • Body material: PC/ABS
    • Manual on/off switch 
    • Designed in Finland


    • Locally sourced wood for top sheet
    • Plastic-free packaging
    • 100% recycled packaging
    • Packaging made in the EU
    • Carbon Neutral shipping from Finland
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Responsible Packaging


Lower CO2 Footprint


Magnetic Topsheet


Made in the EU

Part of our Nature Collection