Sustainable future

For a more sustainable future

MyNolla started with an interest in smart technology, but is equally about sustainable design. What it all comes down to, however, is electricity and its impacts on the environment. Did you know that almost 20% of a devices electricity consumption is just wasted on standby? In Finland, where electricity consumption causes as much as a third of Finland's carbon dioxide emissions, we have set ourselves a goal of helping people reduce their own electricity consumption in an easy, simple way. So we asked ourselves, how can we design a product that actively distributes electricity to be more sustainable without putting a burden on our customers? How can we help reach those goals, in an easy and effective manner?

When we started pursuing this question further, we realized that even though their use is continuous, power sockets have not really changed since development in the 1930's. They bring you essential energy, but you have no way of controlling or even understanding its use. With electrification becoming an ever more crucial part of our lives, we need to be able to understand and control it, in order to keep the amount of wasted electricity at a minimum. However, if we don't even know how much electricity it takes to make a coffee in the morning compared to watching our favorite series on TV, how can we understand the scope beyond our four walls? That is the ultimate question. We have developed a technology that might just help us answer this question.

Imagine if MyNolla would be more than just design. Imagine if MyNolla could manage your electricity consumption. Imagine if MyNolla could save electricity - withouth you actually having to do anything at all.