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75% of buildings in the EU are energy-inefficient, with buildings making up 40% of the entire EU's energy consumption. Despite the existence of multiple energy monitoring systems and solutions, the energy consumed in the building sector is expected to increase globally by 65% until 2050, resulting in an increase in e-waste and carbon emissions.

In order to decrease overall consumption and to meet the ever-growing demands and regulations set by the EU, simpler and cheaper solutions are needed.

We make buildings future-proof, help companies optimize energy consumption and reduce e-waste

Enabling future-proof buildings

We developed a modular IoT solution on a device level to monitor, control and optimize the use of energy. Our solution automatically detects unused devices and faulty devices to save electricity, extend the life cycle and increase safety.

Miska Karvinen, CEO & Founder

"We are the game changer in smart sustainable building solutions"

We enable our partners to maximize their potential by providing the easiest and cheapest IoT infra for any building owner and company.

Founder's story

I grew up surrounded by Finnish lakes and forests and was taught to appreciate nature and take care of it in a responsible manner. Since I was a kid, I was always told to unplug or turn off electrical devices, not just to save electricity but also to improve safety.

When I got older, I became more and more aware of the fact that not a lot of people do that and that there are many areas where electricity is constantly running. That was something I couldn't settle with and decided to create the easiest way to get rid of wasted electricity.