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Design competition

MyNolla Strip Design Competition 

As simple as that!

FAQ - Questions answered

How does this work?

First off, use the button link "Material package" above and read through the instructions you find there.

There are two ways to enter:

1. You can download the top sheet sketch in a suitable format and design digitally. Then save your design and share us the file together with your contact information at hello@mynolla.com

2. Print the top sheet sketch and design your work on paper. Then take a picture of your design, and email it to us with your contact information.

What we need from you: name, email, phone number and most of all your design.

Entering the competition is very easy - just start designing and send us your work!

No worries, we get it. You can also print the top sheet sketch found in the material package and draw your design on paper. Then just take a picture of your design and email it to us.

Or you can always drop by at our Habitare stand during 7.-11.9. or bring it personally to our office, if you wish.

Yes! And we'd love for all of you to participate. The more the merrier, right? You never know who is the next big top sheet designer, so do not hesitate and enter the competition. Most of all, have fun while designing!

The competitors must own the rights for the submitted design before entering.

What happens after?

Thanks for taking part! Now you can just sit back and wait, we'll keep you posted on the schedules.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @my_nolla

The winner is selected via public vote. We'll keep you up to date on the timeline and share instructions on how to share your vote.

Remember to reshare and invite all your contacts to vote, as well!

MyNolla will make a limited edition cover of the winning design for sale at mynolla.com. More detailed plans and the contract is made together with the winner, and the content of the contract is influenced by, for example, the material used in the top sheet and other manufacturing details.

The winner and other participants holds the rights to their designs also after the competition.

The winner gets a power strip in the color of their choosing and a top sheet they designed free of charge.